CSE celebrates grad student achievements at annual reception

CSE recognized the many honors and contributions of its graduate students, as well as presenting the CSE HACKS Spirit Award and DEI Service Awards.

The CSE community came together on Monday, April 29 to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its grad students at the second annual Graduate Student Recognition Reception.

Organized by the CSE Graduate Programs Office, the event recognized the many contributions CSE’s grad students have made throughout the year, including awards received, service performed, and more. The program also included presentation of this year’s CSE HACKS Spirit Award and DEI Service Awards. 

Prof. Emily Mower Provost, CSE Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs, opened the event, and Richard H. Orenstein Division Chair of Computer Science and Engineering Michael Wellman delivered introductory remarks. He spoke about the importance of CSE’s HACKS values and congratulated graduate students for their exemplary service and contributions.

Dr. Jasmin Stubblefield, CSE Graduate Programs Manager, recognized the many accomplishments of CSE’s grad students from over the past year, including numerous awards, fellowships, and competitions won. She also highlighted the contributions of the CSE Graduate Student Organization (CSEG) and VoiCSEs in building a strong, vibrant grad student community.

Prof. Nikola Banovic, chair of the CSE DEI Committee, and DEI Project Manager Taj Williams presented the CSE DEI Service Awards, recognizing students who have made extraordinary contributions to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Division. Aymen Ahmed, Tsedeniya Amare, Meron Demissie, Nel Escher, Aylin Gunal, Serafina Kamp, Eugene Kim, and Jiachen (Amber) Liu received the award.

Prof. Wellman then announced the winner of this year’s CSE HACKS Spirit Award, which recognizes one graduate student annually who exemplifies the Division’s values of honesty, achievement, cooperation, knowledge, and service (HACKS). He presented the award to PhD student Madelyn Gatchel for her exceptional leadership and service in CSE.

Dr. Stubblefield’s closing remarks emphasized the importance of CSE’s graduate student community in supporting CSE’s climate, values, and reputation through excellence in research and service. “Our graduate students are the glue that holds CSE together,” she said. “I am so proud of what they have accomplished and the impact they have had on CSE, the university, and the field more broadly.”

A reception hall with about a dozen round table. Attendees are seated at tables looking at slideshow presentation in the front of the room. On the screen is the heading "Graduate Student Recognition Reception." Jasmin Stubblefield stands at a podium at the front of the room.
Michael Wellman speaks to a student in the audience. He is smiling.
Chair Michael Wellman speaks to students at the reception
About ten students stand smiling at the camera
The leaders of the CSE Graduate Student Organization (CSEG) were recognized at the reception
Award winners stand in a row smiling at the camera
The recipients of this year’s DEI Service Awards
Michael Wellman and Madelyn Gatchel stand smiling at the camera. They are holding opposite ends of a certificate.
Madelyn Gatchel received the CSE HACKS Spirit Award
A view of a the full reception hall from the front. Attendees are applauding and smiling.
Three students seated at a round white table, smiling and conversing.
Two people sit at a white table with plates of food. They are talking to each other. Another person stands behind them.