CSE research is highlighted at Michigan Robotics Day

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The intelligent wheelchair team.
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On Monday, April 9, CSE faculty and graduate student researchers displayed some of their projects at Michigan Robotics Day. The event, co-hosted by U-M and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, was designed to raise awareness of regional robotics capabilities and to promote Michigan STEM and industry strengths.

CSE projects shown at the event included:

Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair

The Intelligent Robotic Wheelchair is a platform that brings together a number of research projects under the supervision of of Prof. Benjamin Kuipers. The projects include the use of cameras and other sensors for vision, a system of mapping using acquired data, and the development of control systems that will eventually enable to system to intelligently navigate based on the data it acquires.

CARL, the Car Lab

CARL is a newly-acquired research platform for use in a variety of projects related to data acquisition and mapping, autonomy, and passenger safety, amongst others. CARL is a Ford Escape Hybrid that was donated by Ford Motor Company. Faculty who will be overseeing research with CARL are Prof. Edwin Olson and Prof. Ryan Eustice of NAME.

MAGIC Robots

A number of Prof. Olson’s robots that won the 2010 MAGIC International Robotics Competition were on hand to demonstrate their ability to act as a team to map environments (they mapped the display area) and respond to external stimuli.

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