Eric Dattoli named National Academies Research Associate

The aim of Dattoli’s research is to improve and broaden the understanding of nanowire gas sensing behavior.

eric dattoli Enlarge

Eric Dattoli, who recently graduated with his PhD in electrical engineering, received a highly competitive 2-year postdoctoral position with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland as a National Research Council Research Associate. The associateship was granted after winning a national competition and is administered by the National Academies. His project will be to better understand nanowire gas sensing.

The class of materials known as nanowires has been shown to possess more attractive gas sensing properties than existing gas-sensitive materials. The aim of the research project is to improve and broaden the understanding of this nanowire gas sensing behavior. The results of the project could one day enable the manufacture of better functioning gas sensors which are widely used in health and safety monitoring applications.

Dr. Dattoli’s specific award is administered by the Research Associate Programs of the National Research Council, which provide opportunities for highly qualified scientists and engineers at the doctoral level to select research problems of their choice in federal laboratories.

Dr. Dattoli conducted research at the University of Michigan under the direction of Prof. Wei Lu.