Fall celebrations at CSE: Cobwebs, candy, and camaraderie

CSE celebrated the spooky season with its annual door decorating contest, office trick-or-treating, and a grad student open house.

CSE faculty, staff, and students celebrated the fall season with a variety of traditions and activities, both spooky and sweet.

No fall is complete without CSE’s annual door decorating contest. With more than a dozen offices competing, this year’s doors ranged from silly to literary to downright scary. Room 3945 won first prize with a menacing pumpkin-headed monster. The Graduate Programs suite of offices (rooms 3909A, 3909B, and 3917) claimed second place with their spine-chilling decorations, and room 3820 came in third with an artistic depiction of Sauron’s tower from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Participants gathered for an announcement of the contest winners on Halloween day and celebrated their victory (or mourned their loss) over donuts and cider.

A number of offices around the Beyster Building also hosted trick-or-treating for students, faculty, and staff, and there were plenty of fun costumes, including a banana, a cow, a dinosaur, and more.

The holiday celebrations closed with an open house hosted by the CSE Graduate Programs Office, featuring a decked-out ice cream sundae bar and fun activities such as rock painting.

CSE grad students and staff listen to the announcement of door decorating contest winners.
CSE staff members wait with baited breath to hear the winners of the door decorating contest
CSE staff Steve Crang in a white cat mask helps himself to a donut
Grad Programs Office staff pose, smiling, for a photo
students lined up at tables full of ice cream and toppings
student in an inflatable dinosaur costume
two female students talking while enjoying ice cream
two students painting palm-sized rocks at a table with an orange table cloth
Tishman Hall full of Halloween revelers, some in costume enjoying ice cream at tables with black and orange cloths

CSE wishes everyone a very happy season! We look forward to continuing our fall traditions next year.