Lab Safety: don’t let this happen to you!

The ECE Safety Committee is committed to keeping students safe.

Have you ever worked in a lab or wanted to work in a lab? Have you ever worked near a lab or wondered what goes on in one?

The EECS Building has many labs spanning a broad spectrum of disciplines and technologies. There are thousands of pages of safety and operations protocols in use in these labs.

The ECE Safety Committee is committed to keeping students safe in the labs and in their work environments. Anyone working in a lab gets special training and is expected to periodically review lab guidelines and standards.

To emphasize the importance of safety in the lab, ECE created a series of 4 brief videos to emphasize the importance of specific aspects of lab safety: personal protective equipment (safety gear), lab housekeeping (cleanliness and tidiness), chemical hygiene (food and chemicals), and engineering controls (such as building evacuation).

These videos are meant to be humorous – they do not reflect anything that’s actually happened in our labs! Please feel free to share them.

Remember – Be Safe, and Go Blue!

Video 1: Safety Gear


Video 2: The Sloppy Lab


Video 3: Food in the Lab


Video 4: Evacuate (when you hear alarms)