Three CSE staff recognized with CSE Excellence++ Award

All three of these individuals have proven themselves integral to the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering.

Zach Champion, Jamie Goldsmith, and Karen Liska Enlarge
Zach Champion, Jamie Goldsmith, and Karen Liska

The CSE Division is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 CSE Staff Excellence++ Award. These individuals were chosen on the basis of their strong commitment, dependability, and extraordinary levels of contribution, and for their efforts to create a positive and inclusive culture in CSE.

All three of these individuals have proven themselves integral to the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering. Congratulations!

Zach Champion
Communications and Marketing

Zach is a productive, positive, and collaborative colleague whose performance is typically worthy of high praise. Under COVID-19, he has helped CSE to adapt by managing online events, including large meetings, a Gathertown graduate student visit environment, and the production and execution of CSE’s virtual graduation. He has supported diversity and equity in CSE through the development of our DEI website, in writing profiles of diverse students and alumni, and by researching and posting social media posts related to equity and inclusion. In addition to accomplishing his own work, Zach routinely volunteers to do more, and with a smile. CSE applauds not only his many accomplishments, but also his commitment, his work ethic, and his kind and positive nature.

Jamie Goldsmith

Typically quite busy under normal circumstances, the purchasing team has had to significantly adapt its processes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jamie has risen to this challenge and proven exceptionally resourceful and helpful to others, working tirelessly to ensure that faculty, staff, and students have what they need to perform their best while working remotely. He frequently visits the building to ensure the arrival of purchases, and to check – and if requested, scan and send – campus and USPS mail. He has often delivered items that arrive at CSE to people’s homes. CSE appreciates Jamie’s diligence, flexibility, positivity, and compassion for others as he goes about his duties under less-than-ideal conditions.

Karen Liska
Human Resources

Karen is an integral part of the CSE administrative team, with the expertise and insight to manage the human resources needs of a unit with over 125 faculty and staff, 371 graduate students, and numerous undergraduate employees. Each term, she processes and coordinates 250 IA, 90 GSI, and 100+ grader positions, in addition to managing the ongoing work of posting and filling staff positions, onboarding faculty, and all the appointment adjustments that go along with a department. Even operating remotely due to COVID-19, Karen has continued to execute at this high level. CSE values Karen’s dedication, expertise, compassion, and exceptional professionalism, as well as her tireless work on behalf of all of the people of CSE.